Recreating the Flapper Style

Every time you buy a cheap, polyester flapper costume, a real flapper dies.

Being a flapper was all about being more interesting, more flamboyant, and more fun  than everyone else in the room. A real flapper would never be caught dead wearing the same boring, fringed dress every other girl was wearing! She’d want to stand out like a rhinestone peacock. She loves wild jewelry, dark lipstick, feathers, fur, lace, and driving everyone around her mad with jealousy while still being smolderingly sexy. Out shine her! Here’s how:

The Essential Flapper:

Low-waisted or tubular dress
Bold Jewelry
Sturdy pumps
Sexy Stockings
Hat or Headband

There are so many option when it comes to being a flapper. You can be really, really flashy, or sweet and demure. You can wear a long dress or a short one. Beads, sequins, chiffon, silk, pleats, buttons, pearls…anything goes! Flapper-style dresses surged in popularity in the 1980s. Some of these dresses just need a few good accessories to make them perfect!

 Low-Waisted or Tubular Dress

Vintage by 8loveyvintage8

Vintage by bloomstreetvintage

Vintage by jezterka



Vintage by deliadelia

Vintage by boylerpf

Vintage by panthia


Sturdy Pumps

Vintage by GenevieveValentine

Vintage by ashtreevintage

Vintage by buyathreadvintage


Sexy Stockings

New by Berkshire


Hat or Headband

Vintage by adorevintage

Vintage by eastpikevintage

Custom by FoxysBoudoir



Okay, so what’s with the question marks?

Flappers were innovators. Some were wild, some were bad, some were vain, some were posers, but all of them expressed their personalities in the way they dressed. This myriad of punctuation marks is essential to being a good flapper; it’s your personal touch that’s totally different than anyone else.

Is it your awesome hair? Wearing so much jewelry you fall over? Big hats? Fabulous fur stoles? Long gloves? Too much rouge? A flask tucked into your garter?

From the post Floozy Fun: The Fashion World of the Flapper

Tips and Tricks:

Want that authentic flapper shape? Modern shapeware and compression sports bras are super for smoothing out lumps. Want to be historically accurate? An Ace bandage over your chest will keep you from being too bouncy. The flatter, the better!

Lots of modern dresses are simple sack dresses. Just tie some satin rope or a scarf low around your hips to make it look period appropriate, then add a long string of Mardi Gras beads and a knit beanie for a flapper guise on the cheap!

Pssssst! Dress clip pairs can go on your shoes or shoulders! : )

3 thoughts on “Recreating the Flapper Style

    1. No it won’t. I did it all the time in theater and my ribs, lungs, and 34Fs are just fine. You don’t use the sticky tape. You use the elastic wrap. Long strips of linen works well, too, especially for early renaissance gowns before stays became commonplace, and there are modern chest-binders that fit like a really tight sports bra. None of those methods cause problems either. Just use common sense. If you start feeling tingly or having shortness of breath, then you might want to loosen it a bit.

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