Modernizing the Past: Lady Gaga vs. Queen Victoria

Love her or hate her, Lady Gaga is undeniably a force in the fashion world, but that doesn’t mean her fashion sense stands completely alone. Here’s the singer taking a fashion cue from another member of fashion royalty: Queen Victoria!

Lady Gaga


Queen Victoria

Updated with modern cascades of crystals and some gigantic black shades, Mother Monster struts her stuff in a surprisingly period-appropriate, 1860s-inspired custom Chanel gown at the opening of her Workshop at Barneys in New York. Her look is a great example of how important accessories are to creating an outfit. Notice the slightly bustled train, pearl chains, gloves, poofy petticoats, and a pair of enormous matching gold and stone cuff bracelets: hallmarks of the Victorian age updated for 2010s!

Though they are entirely on separate ends of the taste scale– Lady Gaga is brash and trendy while Queen Victoria was refined– both indulge in ornate, rich accessories. Pitting their fashion choices against each other directly would be a bit unfair since they are entirely different in personality, occupation, and (most importantly) time period, but this one time, Lady Gaga gives the storied queen of England a slight fashion nod, providing a great example of how historic trends can be revived with a few modern tweaks!


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