Make Your Own REGARDS Ring: A Tutorial

Create your own Love Note Ring

As you may have learned in this post, I’m in love with Victorian acronym jewelry! Sadly, I can’t quite afford most of them, but I am crafty and I can definitely afford to spend an afternoon (and $8) making one of my own. You can too!



  • Ring Blank
  • Acrylic Jewels in various sizes
  • Glue

I found all of these at Micheals. The ring is adjustable with a plain flat top, but they also make blanks with scalloped settings if you want to get a bit more fancy.


Step 1: Choose your acronym and design your layout.

The hardest part is choosing an acronym or even a name, like Sara (Sapphire, Amethyst, Ruby, Amethyst). There are a few samples of traditional acronyms here, and a list of gemstones in alphabetical order here if you’d like to make a name ring. I settled for the classic REGARDS (Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby, Diamond, and Sapphire). I traced around the top of my ring to make a template because it’s much easier to test designs on a paper template than it is to wrangle tiny stones onto a small ring. I bought a variety pack of gems so I could test out different designs, like a large center stone surrounded by smaller ones. I ended up settling on a same-size stone design because it perfectly filled the top.

Side note about the randomness of life: my batch of stones was rich in “diamonds,” but a tad short on “emeralds,” so I had to choose an acronym that didn’t have more than one E in it!


Step 2: Glue your gem design to your ring.

To help put the gems in the ring, I used some tweezers to place them in the glue. The Super Glue was super speedy, but even the smallest drop gums up everything and it dried somewhat cloudy. Next time I make a ring, I think I’ll try to find a better glue. Any suggestions?


Step 3: Allow the glue to cure and enjoy!

Make one of your own? Share your picture in the comments!

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