Wearing your Corset over your Dress

Inside Out?!

{I love Helena Bonham Carter!}

Wearing your corset over your dress has become quite popular. It’s not very historically accurate– especially for a lady of good taste– to show off your underthings, but it does look quite alluring to wear a nifty underbust cincher over a full-skirted dress (it looks stunning on almost everyone)! I would never think to wear such a get-up to a strictly historical event, but  imagine my surprise when I found a true period gown with a similar corset-over-gown look to it:

It’s so unique, unusual, and utterly wearable! In fact, if you removed the flounced collar, it would look very much like the movie-type “Victorian” gowns most people think of. I will admit that, even with my open-minded costuming policies, I was a little miffed that there were so many “period Victorian” gowns that started popping up with exposed corsets, but I am very fond of steampunk, neo-romanticism, and gothic Victorian fashion. Corsets have always been lovely and now their beauty is being fully displayed! It feels good to see such a complicated, elegant garment getting so much positive attention, and I am super excited that the trend could possibly be tweaked to work both in the museum and on the street.

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