Pompadours: New 17th-18th Century Shoes by American Duchess

If the shoe fits…

There they are!

Lauren at American Duchess has done it again! I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally get to see a finished prototype of this magical shoe! These shoes, aptly named Pompadours, are softened versions of the famously pointy (and abhorrently uncomfortable) court shoes of the late 17th and early 18th century like these:

Late 17th century shoes are famously skewed into a boat-shape, thrusting the foot up and forward with deep-set heels in a variety of colors and heights. American Duchess’s Pomadour, however, is designed with modern tastes in mind, providing less pinch and more width– all the better to tromp around in at rocky reenactments! If I had to pair them with any gown, it’d be this amazing construct that Doña Inés de Zúñiga, Condesa de Monterrey is modeling:

It’s so bold! So powerful! So Spanish! She’s even got a little golden pistol resting on her enormous skirt! With some fierce, black damask Popmadours, she’s be super fashion-forward (this painting is from 1660, a little too early for historical accuracy, so she’d be really fashion-forward) and oh-so-fabulous! The Pompadours are also going to be available in white, so if you prefer the light French silks to rich Spanish velvet, you’ve got options.

(But, seriously, the black damask looks amazing!)

Preorders will open Monday, May 14th, 2012…just in time for my birthday! As soon as preordering opens, you can reserve a pair of Pompadours at the discounted price of $115. Don’t wait too long because once preordering is over, the price jumps to $135!

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