An Overview of What’s Coming Up in Summer 2012

The Pragmatic Costumer has reached over 30,000 views!

Thanks so much, everybody!

This week is finals at the university, so I’m super swamped with papers and workshops. Unfortunately, I’ve got a tad behind on posting. Not to worry! All those “DIY” projects I’ve been planning are next on my list including:

An 18th Century Waistcoat in a Snap

Easy to Wear Mid-19th Century Headdresses

and another Renaissance/Elizabethan article!

In the meanwhile, I’ll just leave this here…..

It’s my favorite antique jewelry site of all time and I know you’ll get addicted to it, too (even if you’re broke like me and just love to drool over Georgian girandole earrings).

Thanks again, everyone! You’re awesome. :)

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