The History of the Bikini

She worn an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka-dot…

School is almost out! I am excited beyond words (even though I still work through the summer). Summertime means three things: lemonade, heat waves, and swimsuit season. I was talking with some friends the other day and the topic swung around to swimsuit season. We all bemoaned the fact that were had less than stellar track records with swimsuits. “It’s that darn bikini!” All the gyms have ramped up their advertisements on the radio, taunting us with phrases like “get bikini ready” and shaming us for hiding our soft middles behind “boring one-pieces.” It’s amazing how this tiny, barely-there piece of clothing could so radically affect our lives!

Discover where it all started here!

Elle Magazine’s slideshow takes you from the first two-piece suits in 1913 all the way to today. As you look through the photos, you’ll notice most of these sexy bikini ladies are not flat twigs like today. It’s wonderful to know that you don’t need washboard abs to look amazing in a tiny two-piece!


Summer’s almost here!

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