Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Wax Portrait

Seeing Double!

2012 is Queen Elizabeth II of England’s 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne! Madame Tussaud’s wax museum has been making figures of Queen Elizabeth II since she was two, but none of the sculpts (in fact very few of any of the figures in the museum) compare to their latest beautiful wax portrait of Queen Elizabeth for her Diamond Jubilee.

Wow! Her wax portrait looks amazing– almost alive– and captures Elizabeth’s warmth, charm, and elegance in a way most wax figures cannot match!

The total cost of the figure was over $200,000 and the dress is encrusted with over 50,000 crystals! I don’t know how much official photo and painted portraits cost, but this lavish figure is certainly one of the richest likenesses of the Queen.

While Queen Elizabeth II’s figure is astonishing, poor Queen Victoria was not so lucky. England celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in1896 and it was quite an event! Madame Tussaud commissioned a replica of Victoria’s wedding dress in 1840 and it turned out lovely (it was by the same dressmaker that made the original), but their current wax portrait of her leaves much to be desired. Victoria wasn’t perky and smiley in her later years, but she was much more soft-hearted than the Tussaud figure would lead you to believe!

  Look at all those gems and that tiny crown! See the necklace Victoria’s wearing in this official portrait for her 1896 Jubilee? Queen Elizabeth is wearing the same one for her Jubilee this year!

(If you’re a jewelry geek like me, you can see that the diamonds have black “dot” backs, so you know they’re quality antique diamonds!)

Congratulations, Queen Elizabeth, on your 60 year reign! Long live the Queen!

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