WWII Red Cross and Army Uniform Exhibit

At the Texas Tech Museum

My dear Christopher is in the final stretch of earning his Master’s degree in Mass Comm from Texas Tech in Lubbock, TX. Since I currently live and work in New Mexico, that means that we are an infinite 3 hours apart except for rare weekends when one of us can drive over to meet the other. On a recent trip, Chris told me that the Red Cross (with whom he is currently interning) had a World War II exhibit up at the university museum that I might enjoy. Might enjoy?! There is no might, only yes, of course I’ll enjoy it!

The exhibit included service uniforms as well as nurses uniforms. I’m a sucker for uniforms, both for ladies and gents. Everyone looks so dapper in well-fitted, matching outfits! I hadn’t brought along my camera (darn!), so pardon the graininess of my cell phone camera.The exhibit was amazingly well put together and all the uniforms were close enough to see clearly (there was no glass), but not touch (sadly).

I have an old 101st Air Force uniform, but it’s a man’s cut and doesn’t really fit. I didn’t know that ladies had very similar uniforms, complete with gorgeous wide lapels. I really, really want one now even though I feel a little weird wearing such things. I always feel like I’m cheating somehow, like I never EARNED it.

If you’re in the Lubbock area, I highly recommend visiting the museum. The building is enormous, multimedia, and the exhibits are constantly fresh!

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