Popular Historic Clothing Motifs: Florals

Floral Clothing

Italian Waistcoat, circa 1720-40

Robe à la Française, circa 1765

Waistcoat, circa 1750-70

Robe à la Française, circa 1775

Court Coat, circa 1775-89

Robe à l’Anglaise, circa 1785-95

Morning/Wrap Dress, circa 1806-12

Walking Dress, circa 1830

Evening Dress, circa 1840

American Silk Dress, circa 1856

Evening Dress, circa, 1860-63

French Cotton Dress, circa 1872

Mme. Martin Decalf Dress, circa 1882

Walking Dress, circa 1885-90

Evening Dress, circa 1905

Silk Day Dress, circa 1920

Floral Accessories

Shoes, circa 1690-1700

French Wool Shawl, circa 1800-1825

Shoes, circa 1880

Guilloche Brooch, circa 1880

Embroidered Gloves, circa 1880-1900

Flowers have always been popular, but not always in the same style. The size, types, and placement of the blooms changes dramatically throughout fashion history. Sometimes light, airy sprays are in while other decades favor dark backgrounds and gigantic flowers. In the 18th century, flowers weren’t just for ladies! Gentlemen enjoyed the bloom of polychrome roses and tulips as well. I chose gowns and accessories that had flowers incorporated directly into them as prints, painting, or embroidery. If you include all the gowns with applied rosettes and bouquets, this list would be infinite!

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