Edwardian Does Georgian

I found this cute cabinet card on Etsy. Isn’t she so sassy?! The Edwardians loved rococo just as much as we do and loved to play dress up, especially for the camera.

This is a good example of how tiny changes can affect the way your costume works. In this case, you can tell she’s playing dress up because she’s wearing an Edwardian corset that dips her forward and the swathe of lace around the neckline is too heavy for period Georgian, but she’s so adorable nonetheless! I especially love her hedgehog hair and little pointed shoes which remind me of American Duchess’s Pompadours.

I know this post is a bit of a fluff post, but I’m working on so many projects all at once– Halloween costumes, 1830s costumes, tutorials, and the like which I promise I will update you on after this weekend– so I’m totally swamped!

Happy Costuming!

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