Making Last Minute Christmas Gifts

It’s Almost Christmas Already?!

With the temperatures here in the Southwestern United States fluctuating between 80 degrees one day and 26 degrees the next (in Fahrenheit folks! It may have been boiling hot, but not literally…), it’s been a tad bit difficult to get in the Christmas spirit. However, with time running out on the calendar and a quartet of difficult-to-buy-for aunties to please, my sister and I decided to make cranberry butter. It’s the perfect holiday gift for people who like food, but cranberry butter is simple enough that it won’t overwhelm a delicate palate or bore an adventurous one. Plus, with cranberries still “in season,” it’s simple to find the ingredients!


To make Cranberry Butter:

1 cup butter
6 tablespoons whole-cranberry sauce or relish
Tip: Don’t use the translucent cranberry jelly sauce. You want it to have cranberry chunks in it. We used Ocean Spray Whole-Berry sauce which isn’t really whole berry, but it’s chunky enough.

1. Start with soft, room-temperature butter. Mix it with a fork until it is cream.

2. Add the cranberry sauce or relish and blend it into the butter.


Voila! Done. You can mold your butter, put it in a bowl for serving, or put it in little jars for gifts.  The rosy pink color looks fabulous! I picked some small vacuum-seal glass jars from the local Dollar Tree and used a sandwich bag with a corner cut off to pipe the butter into the jars (slightly less messy than spooning it in). Wrap with a pretty ribbon and tah-dah! Instant festive gifts! It goes well on toast and whole wheat crackers.


Tanya took great interest in all this commotion, especially the “1/2 pound of butter” part…

After making the butter, we decorated our Christmas tree in what can best be described as Scandinavian-Country-Kitsch. This is Tanya the Tiny Terror’s first Christmas tree, so no glass bulbs or dangly snowflakes this year! Instead, Amelia and I made a loooooooong paper chain and hung 1960s wooden ornaments to fill in the gaps. Mim had some vintage Christmas fabric and cut out the designs to make plush ornaments that are kitty-proof and retro-cute at the same time.


Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!

Be safe and be happy!

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