Ideas can be Dangerous, Glorious, Adventurous Things

July 19, 2013

Something Rococo This Way Comes?


This has been sitting in my sketchbook for a while now. Maybe it’s time to do something with it…

I’ve never sewn anything from the 18th century before, but I have recently acquired some terrible, cheap commercial patterns that I’ve been itching to “mod” into something more historical. This sketch is an excellent candidate. ;)


2 Responses to “Ideas can be Dangerous, Glorious, Adventurous Things”

  1. The Choll Says:

    Dooooo itttt!! I love your sketch, by the way. I’m a big fan of sketching out project ideas, though I can’t say that I’ve managed to produce a similar product yet.

    • Liz Says:

      LOL! It’s actually half-finished on my dress form right now, but my shipment of rediculously cheap cotton lace is still struggling through the postal system. It’s so hard to find cotton lace! Everything else is plastic and itchy…

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