If Disney Went Victorian

Costuming Dreams
Belle, Jasmine, Aurora, Cinderella, Ariel, and Rapunzel

There’s a fun project making waves on the interwebs involving Disney princesses and their historical make-overs. That got me thinking: “What would the princesses wear if they were Victorian?”

We might find Belle in a bustle:

Evening Dress Attributed to Liberty & Co., circa 1880s

Heavenly fancy dress harem pants for Jasmine:

House of Worth Fancy Dress Costume, circa 1870

Soft pink silk velvet for Aurora, a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty:

Rouff Evening Dress, circa 1897

No cinder-dust here! Just a beautiful blue ball gown for Cinderella:

Ball Gown, circa 1860

This sumptuous leg o’ mutton sleeved confection for Ariel:

House of Worth Wedding Dress, circa 1896
Not only is it a great match for her movie dress, it happens to be my favorite Worth wedding ensemble!

Rapunzel was a tricky gal to pick for. If any dress is perfect for her, it’s this girly 1820s evening dress:

American Silk Ball Gown, circa 1820

But it’s about 10 years to early to qualify as Victorian, so we’ll stick with this lovely lilac bustle dress with a gold train that mimics her long blonde hair:

Wexler & Abraham Evening Dress, circa 1880

I know didn’t cover all the princesses, but these particular extant dresses matched too perfectly to ignore!