Spring Cleaning in Autumn: Shop My Closet!

I love collecting and wearing vintage! But when my closet gets too full for me to wear them all, it’s time to let someone else have a chance to enjoy the retro goodness!

Up for Grabs

{Sonja} Skirt Set, circa 1950-60
Adorable blue, purple, and brown print with a full skirt and blouse. Same-fabric belt. Handmade in the USA!
Size: XS/S
24.5 inch waist on the skirt, blouse bust up to 36 inches


{Sir Fame} White Eyelet Dress, circa 1965-85
Cute blousy-fit, button-front dress with high collar. Lots of eyelet lace decoration and puff long sleeves with ruffled cuffs. Needs a little whitening.
Size: S/M
26 inch waist, bust up to 38 inches


Handmade Plaid Maxi Skirt, circa 1975
Super cute maxi skirt with flared gores for fab swish. Polyester, baby!
Size: S
Waist 25.5 inches, hips max 35 inches


{Lady Holiday} Blouse, circa 1975-85
Edwardian-inspired, secretary-style, and super feminine. Puff sleeves with lace cuffs.
Size: M/L
Bust up to 42 inches, but it’s made to fit loosely, so 35-40 inches would fit best.



Vintage Neckties, circa 1940-1970
$7-$20 each
I have a classy assortment of ties for every guy or gal!
Variety of widths and patterns

(Still working on getting these listed. Gotta coerce dear Christopher into modeling!)


Retro 1950s and 1960s Patterns
$5 a pair
Dresses and blouses for the crafty gal, most already cut
Sizes 12 to 18


and lots of Vintage Jewelry, of course!

All of these are currently listed in my and my sister’s joint shop, Atomic Amelia, which specializes in retro and kitsch. Use the coupon code PRAGMATICALLY to get an extra 10% off anything in the shop!

You are also welcome to check out my antique and renaissance themed vintage jewelry shop, Tineseile.

Pssst! To make all your vintage dresses look even more fabulous, I highly recommend a Rago Waist Nipper (821). I got one in beige and it is some kind of vintage magic! It doesn’t reduce as much a corset or full girdle, but it will take an inch off your waist and bring you into a nice hourglass if you have a blocky, stick-straight torso like me. It boosts up the girls, too!

Okay, I’m done raving now (I’ll just have to write more about the waist nipper later.) :)

3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning in Autumn: Shop My Closet!

  1. I must ask – does the waist nipper ride up when you sit for a while? I’d love to have one for my son’s wedding, but don’t want to be uncomfortable all night long.

    1. I am relatively short-waisted and amazingly, I have no trouble with it riding up at all. I wear mine for 8 hours at work and I feel great! The only issue I’ve had with it is that under clingy fabrics, the outline of the front hooks and the rear edge show. If you aren’t wearing a slinky dress, you should be fine. Otherwise, good ol’ spanx are the way to go. They won’t give you as much reduction as the Rago, but they have no boning in them either. The Her Room page I linked to has reviews and size specs if you want more info.

  2. Thanks – I’ve tried Spanx and didn’t care for it. Must be something about the way I sit that makes it all ride up or roll down. Maybe the stays will help remind me to sit up straighter. Not like I’ll be sitting much at his wedding anyway!

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