Happy Halloween-iversary!

(a.k.a. my “Halloween Anniversary)

Celebrating 2 Years of Pragmatic Costuming!


Publicly tricking and cheating my way through historical accuracy since October 3, 2011!

Can you believe it?! It’s been just a tad over two years since I first started this blog on a whim back in 2011, and I never expected that it would turn my world so upside down! In that time, I have gained plenty of new skills, new friends, and of course, new costumes– not to mention getting married, moving, and so many other life-changing events. It’s been a very exciting rollercoaster. Thank you for letting me share it with you all (or y’all, as we say here in Texas)! Having a rich, diverse online costuming community to spur me on has driven me to improve and expand my horizons. Without your readership and comments, I would probably have thrown up my hands in desperation a time or two (also, thank Heaven for my long-suffering spouse and handy YouTube videos)!

I kind of consider Halloween to be my Costuming New Year when I look back on the past year to see just how much I’ve accomplished.

Here’s a list of 2013’s “Costuming Firsts.”


Joined Historical Sew Fortnightly: First time joining a sewing challenge (even if I kinda fell off the wagon near the end).


Merchant Gentleman’s Coat: First time 100% handsewing a historical garment from a commercial pattern.



 Dyed and decorated A.D. Pompadours: First time dyeing a pair of shoes at home.


Commercial Colonial Project: First time altering a commercial pattern to fit the 18th century



Portrait Miniatures: My first time painting portrait miniatures, of course!

Wowza! Five Firsts for 2013! Hopefully there will be many more “Firsts” throughout the coming year. That would make a good All Hallow’s Eve resolution: have at least five more costuming Firsts by this time next year. Let’s see if I can stick to it– or better yet, surpass it!


Thank you for supporting me
and have a

8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween-iversary!

  1. Congratulations! I love reading your thoroughly interesting and beautifully written posts and your excellent photos really make them come to life. I know a lot of work must go into your projects and your blog.

  2. Thanks! As a Transplanted Texan I so enjoy your voice (and the live oak in the 18th century dress re do). At your age, no way was I ready to put my challenges out there for the world to see, so I celebrate that, and very much look forward to reading what you’re up to in the coming months!
    All the best,
    Nancy N

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